Why Unicorns are Evil

Unicorns eat tooth fairies

Their horns are made out of teeth

They may look sweet from the outside

But are pure evil underneath

Years ago the fairies flourished

Until the unicorns developed a taste

Of tooth fairies and all they collected

And didn’t mind the minty toothpaste

The fairie’s numbers have dwindled

Now they are few and far between

How can a creature that’s so loved

Turn out to be so mean?

The unicorns tracked the fairies

Across lands far and wide

But there’s a place they can’t get them

So this is where they go and hide

It’s a lovely little town

It’s the town where I reside

So all the cherry blossom trees

The fairies have occupied

They sneak in through your window

And take teeth from under your head

And leave a shiny coin for you

While you’re sleeping in your bed

For those who don’t live in my town

The tooth fairy is mum or dad

Unicorns don’t like eating parents

Of that I’m sure you are glad


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