Rocks that speak (blitz 1)

Hand in hand

Hand that rocks

Rocks the boat

Rocks the cradle

Cradle your head

Cradle to grave

Grave mistakes

Grave encounters

Encounters fear

Encounters problems

Problems faced

Problems shared

Shared thoughts

Shared lives

Lives matter

Lives to live

Live to learn

Live to love

Love to have 

Love to give

Give a gift

Give your heart

Heart of stone

Heart of fire

Fire below

Fire within

Within us

Within reach

Reach up high

Reach inside

Inside your soul

Inside your dreams

Dreams of you 

Dreams come true 

True story

True to form

Form a bond 

Form a sentence

Sentence to structure

Sentence to paragraph

Paragraph a phrase

Paragraph to chapter

Chapter to book 

Chapter and verse

Verse to compose

Verse to speak 

Speak yourself

Speak your mind




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