People Without Time (blitz rhyming)

Power of speech 

Power to the people

People unite

People not sheeple

Sheeple are led

Sheeple are blind

Blind so don’t see

Blind so don’t find

Find what is real

Find what is true

True in our world 

True to subdue

Subdue to enforce 

Subdue to control

Control with their laws

Control all our souls

Souls that are strong 

Souls that are weak

Weak so don’t fight

Weak so don’t speak

Speak their heart

Speak their mind

Mind your own

Mind your kind

Kind to nature

Kind to others

Others be friends

Others be lovers

Lovers leap

Lovers grow

Grow together

Grow and bestow

Bestow to each

Bestow to all

All will rise

All will fall

Fall off

Fall down 

Down with the elite

Down or drown 

Drown it out

Drown your sorrows

Sorrows of oppression

Sorrows of tomorrows

Tomorrow’s world

Tomorrow’s time

Time to wake up

Time to climb




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