Duke and Callie

Duke and Callie were barking madThey almost destroyed our posh new pad

Duke, a St. Bernard, a cute fluffy ball

Callie, a Wolfhound, now short but soon tall

They were quite the pair, read on and you’ll see

Fourteen newspapers a day to soak up the wee

Hair everywhere and the couch was torn

Chasing each other at four in the morn

Trying to get dressed but you can’t find your shoes

The dog’s bed you find them being used as their chews

Can’t eat a sausage without having to share

They’ll eat anything really, they’re a right greedy pair

They love walks in the woods where they muddy their paws

Then home where they dirty the carpets of course

After a bath when they’ve flooded the chequered floor

It’s hard to believe that you’re actually in shore

Later on when you’re shattered and go up to bed 

You’ll find them both flat out where you rest your tired head


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