Memory box

A pair of little boots
A lock of hair from your sweet head     Your first ever teddy bear                          The blanket for your bed 

Your first scan photo
Others from further down the line
All these little keepsakes 
In a box that is your shrine

A tiny knitted woolly hat
And a pair of matching socks
The first outfit you wore
All in my memory box

Casts of your cute hands
And your gorgeous little feet
All these things I’ll cherish
Until again the day we meet

A coin with your date of birth
The hospital tags that were on your wrist
A newspaper from that day
So many things, oh how you’re missed

A balloon from nan and grandad
And your first ever dummy
A photo in a lovely frame
Of you in the arms of your mummy

On days when I am feeling down 
And things are less than fine
I’ll listen to the CD 
That plays you are my sunshine

Some days are harder than others
So when my world seems oh so blue
I’ll peek inside my memory box
And smile as I remember you


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