The Good Souls

Sometimes I don’t feel a connection

Sometimes I don’t feel a part of anyone or anything

Someone once said I was a social outcast

Maybe they were right? 

I like being alone

Am I alone? 

Or am I free? 

I don’t particularly like people

Very few in fact

Too much fakery and drama


Weed out the fake ones

Discover the real people

They are out there

Discover the positive people

The ones who enhance your life 

The ones who expand and broaden your horizons

The ones to grow your intellect

Connect with the sensitive

The ones that are filled with passion

Don’t exhaust your energy on the destructive, the self righteous, the racist, the apathetic, the negative

Seek out the good souls and connect with them

Write, draw, paint, travel

Try new things; foods, activities

 Volunteer, do something to help someone where you have nothing to gain but simple satisfaction

Be inspired and be an inspiration 

Don’t get stuck in a rut

Live, love, learn 

Extend yourself


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