It might kill me

There’s a million ways to die, but none scares me more than this

I’d rather fall out of an doomed aeroplane, into a dark abyss

I would choose to be eaten by hungry sharks, rather than suffer this thing I despise

I’d rather risk being shot by Russell Howard, with his dodgy, wonky cock eyes

A bungee jump with the cord too long, I’d much prefer to this thing of course

I’m dreading the day that someone makes me try, cheese on toast drizzled with Worcester sauce


10 thoughts on “It might kill me

    1. syd7t5 says:

      Thanks it’s a silly poem I came up with for a friend who has never had cheese on toast with Worcester sauce. I said to her to ffs try it it won’t kill you and her reply was f@&k you it might! Well that made me laugh so I wrote this! šŸ™‚

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