The dark clouds parted revealing the last quarter of the moon. Forks of electricity cracked across the sky as the sheet lightening illuminated a small cottage in the pine forest. A small plume of blue smoke wisped snakelike through the battering rain from the collapsed chimney stack and rose high into the sky where it clung in the forest canopy. It was midnight, or the witching hour as it was known, but the witch who resided here wasn’t out on her broomstick. She was waiting rather impatiently in her tiny rundown cottage for her special visitor to arrive.
The gnarled, filthy hand wrapped around the leather bound handle of the cold steel blade. It glinted in the moonlight as the witch turned it over in her hand; catching sight of herself in the full length mirror, she grinned. Her reflection that of a small hunchbacked old lady with scraggly, thinning, grey hair and a hooked nose adorned with several weeping boils. Her eyeballs protruded from her sunken sockets, the right one clouded over. Fibres of rotting flesh dangled from the few blackened and broken teeth she had left in her twisted mouth, and in places was stuck across her dry, crusty lips.
In a dark corner, a fat black cat and a huge crow were embroiled in a game of tug of war with torn off strips of flesh from a short but rather plump body slumped there. 
‘You enjoy that boys, that’s Doc, the last of those wretched meddling dwarves.’ She prodded him with her staff. ‘Thinking he would come here to rescue his friends, stupid fool. They were already dead.’
She gazed across to the fireplace and smiled as the light from the fire blazing in the hearth danced across the seven dwarf heads mounted on plaques above it.
‘Just this one left to complete my collection and then this horrid world will be just how I want it to be.’
Her arthritic legs barely carried her as she shuffled to the other side of the room where lay the beautiful Snow White in a deep slumber after eating the poisoned apple.
‘Now my pretty,’ said the Witch as she softly stroked Snow White’s face with the point of the blade. ‘Your handsome Prince will be here soon to rescue you from this nightmare. Oh yes, he knows you’re here, I’ve sent a raven to him. It won’t be long now my pretty.’
She made her way back over to Doc’s corpse and steadied herself on a three legged wooden stool. Using the blade she carved a piece of flesh off the dwarf’s thigh and held it over the flames. She inhaled until a sweet aroma filled the warty cavities that were her nostrils. She tucked in and despite her lack of teeth she devoured it with speed before helping herself to another part of the tiny torso. 
With a full belly and the heat of the fire, sleep quickly took her. She was awoken in the early hours by the brass cat knocker on her door tapping out a tune she knew so well but hadn’t heard in a while.
The handsome Prince greeted her with a bow and a kiss on both cheeks.
‘Maleficent, my love. Oh how I have missed you.’
‘I have missed you too my Prince,’ said the witch embracing him. ‘The time has come to finish this once and for all and finally rule this place together.’
‘I thought this day would never come,’ said the Prince sweeping the Witch’s hair from in her eyes.
Maleficent handed the blade to the Prince. He pricked his finger on the sharp point then ran his thumb along its edge making a clean cut. He smiled knowing it was more than good enough for the job in hand. 
The Prince stood at the foot of the old straw bed that Snow White lay on. He paused for a few moments admiring her flawless alabaster skin, her full lips. His fingers traced the contours of her cheekbones and down to and underneath her chin. He placed the dagger on Snow White’s heart and leant over her. He could feel her chest rising with every inhaled breath, it came up each time to meet the point of the blade but didn’t penetrate her skin. He pressed his lips against hers as he slowly forced the blade into her heart. Her eyes flicked open in shock but no sound came from her mouth. The witch watched on with her train track grin and a spark of anticipation in her eyes. 
The Prince’s lips glowed and tiny sparks danced and jumped around them. Snow White’s face started to age, slowly at first as she took her last few breaths. Wrinkles appeared on her forehead, crows feet around her eyes. Her perfect ruby lips faded to purple then blue and shrivelled like dried up slugs. Her eyes sunk in their sockets and her porcelain skin turned a grey colour as her life slipped away. 
The Prince turned to Maleficent and beckoned for her hand. She reached out to him.  He took her hand and made a slight incision on her finger. Snow White’s blood mixed with hers and then he pressed his bleeding thumb against the witch’s finger. The bonding was complete. Almost. 
With a passion like nothing he’d felt before he grabbed the witch and kissed her. His tongue probed through the rotting dwarf flesh and found her tongue. Their frenzied kissing continued as the Prince tore the witch’s raggedy old clothes off revealing her repulsive nakedness. He pulled away just enough to rid himself of his own clothes then picked Maleficent up. She wrapped her thin frail legs around his waist as his now hard cock penetrated her. The shocked expression on Maleficent’s face changed to that of ecstasy as the Prince started to thrust slowly. He kissed the witch again and the sparks leapt from his lips to hers and back and forth. Slowly Maleficent’s skin started getting lighter, the deep furrows in her brow reduced. In seconds she was becoming stronger, she gained weight and curves started appearing in all the right places. With her new found strength she forced the Prince to the floor still impaled on his cock she rode him. She was almost a young girl again. The Prince watched in amazement at her transformation from a hideous old hag to the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Snow White’s beauty paled in comparison.
Maleficent threw her head back screaming with pleasure, her now beautiful flowing jet black hair cascaded down around her full pert breasts. She built up speed until the Prince proclaimed he couldn’t hold back any longer. He planted his seed inside the witch thus sealing the bond. They collapsed exhausted in each other’s arms. 
It was almost sunrise. The Prince and Maleficent watched through the small bay window waiting for the sun to rise. It didn’t. Outside it was still as dark as nighttime. No birds were singing a dawn chorus. No cockerels were crowing. 
The Prince dressed first followed by the witch. He opened the cottage door and walked out into the dark storm.
After he surveyed the trees surrounding the cottage he saw they were bare. All the pines had fallen off and were scattered around the tree bases. 
Sparrows, pigeons, pheasants, and many other varieties of birds were strewn across the forest floor. They were rabbits and squirrels on the edge of the clearing and a huge stag lay still just inside the forest.
All the pretty flowers in the clearing and throughout the forest had wilted and died. All the vegetables had shrivelled and rotted. They were no tufts of grass anywhere. No ferns or any other foliage growing as far as the eye could see. In fact right across the land all fauna and animal life had ceased through the powers of the dark magic. 
Maleficent and the Prince walked hand in hand through the skeletal trees. There was no rustling of leaves in the barren trees. No birdsong. Nothing. Only darkness and the drumming of the rain.


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