A No Brainer

‘You were always his favourite, you do it Clare.’
‘Whatever Leon. It was you he spent most of his time with and besides I don’t think I can.’
‘Well one of us has to and you’re the eldest.’
‘Maybe so but this is a mans job. I really don’t think I’ve got it in me, please Leon you do it.’
‘Why is it always me that gets the shitty jobs?’
‘Because you’re a man and that’s what men do.’
‘Yeah like that time when you were getting bullied on your way home from school by the Harley sisters and they threw your bag over the fence into the sewage plant. Who ended up hauling that out?’
‘You did.’
‘That’s right I did. I stank for days after. I even missed the end of year disco and my date with Mandy because I couldn’t get rid of the smell. She ended up going with Tommy Barnes remember? She didn’t wanna know me after that.’
‘It wasn’t my fault and she’s the school bike anyway.’
‘Yeah and I never got to sit in the saddle never mind ride it.’
‘They did you a favour and don’t look at me like that. I’m sorry okay? There’s plenty more fish in the sea and all that.’
‘Well you should do this to make it up to me.’
‘Really? I can’t.’
‘Here use my knife.’
‘No. I can’t Leon. Is that the one Dad got you on the way back from your last camping trip to Wales?’
‘Yeah I haven’t used it yet.’
‘Well it’s a fitting tribute that it’s first taste of action is on Dad.’
‘Did you really just say that?’
‘Yes you know what I mean.’
‘Okay I’ll do it but when the time comes you have to be here too.’
‘How will you know the time is right?’
‘He’s unconscious now but pretty soon he’s gonna come around and be very angry and extremely hungry. If he can’t speak and his eyes are a funny colour then it’s time.’
‘You have to do it straight away. No hesitation. We need to get out of this area. We’ve been here long enough it’s too dangerous.’
‘That’s easy for you to say, you’re not the one who’s gonna do it.’
‘I know I’m sorry. I can’t, I just can’t.’
‘Okay I’ll do it. You don’t have to watch but I’d like you to be near to him in his final moments.’
‘Okay I’ll be near covering my ears but there’s no way I can watch it.’
‘You want a few moments alone with him?’
‘Yes please.’
‘Five minutes. Don’t worry he’s well tied up.’
‘No worries’ 
‘I’ll leave the knife there. Any trouble use it or I’ll be just over here.’
‘Thanks Leon. Dad I wish you could hear me. Can you hear me? Are you in there? I’m sorry I let you down Dad. It’s all my fault this has happened to you. I will never forgive myself for storming off like that. How ironic that it was one of the Harley sisters that did this? Leon’s heart is broken over you. I know he loves us more than life itself even though he doesn’t show it sometimes. I just wanna thank you for being a great Dad. I’ve not been the easiest girl to bring up. It must have been so hard for you after Mom died? I love you dearly Dad. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. Thank you for all the advice you gave me that I hardly ever took and thank you for loving me no matter what. Leon quickly he’s stirring.’
‘I’m here Clare. Go over there out of the way.’
‘Are his eyes open? What colour are they?’
‘Don’t worry about that. I’ll just stick him straight away. Go now!’
‘Okay I’m gone.’
‘Well this is it Dad. I never thought this would happen. I never thought I’d be stabbing my own father in the brain but it’s inevitable what’s gonna happen now. No one survives a zombie bite. It’s for the best Dad. I can’t let you walk around like one of them. And don’t you worry about Clare Dad, I’ll look after her. Don’t worry though Dad when the time is right I’ll do the right thing and you’ll be reunited again with your little girl. I love you Dad. Rest in peace.’


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