Cup-de-sac attack

It was two or three in the morn

Just before the break of dawn

When you heard a noise outside 

And thought ‘what is going on!’

So you went out to check

That everything was well and fine

Not pausing to think

That your life was on the line

What you found was two youths

Messing with your car

So you approached them aggressively

To find out who they are

The taller one was quiet 

The shorter going crazy

That’s about the time

Things started to get hazy

A scuffle ensued 

You wrestled, then found

You ended up unconscious 

Face down on the ground

For a while you lay still

Out there alone in the dark

Curled up on the asphalt

On the dimly lit car park

At some point you came to

And unsure what to do

You made it inside 

And you made a sweet brew

You nodded off on the couch

And awoke in pain

On you’re hands was fresh blood

That you couldn’t explain

You reached around to feel your back

It felt strange, it felt wet

What the hell had happened? 

You started to fret

You called for your son

He bound the stairs in pairs

He sees the blood, he starts crying 

Then he shouts and he swears

You lift up your shirt

‘Take a look’ you say to him 

You can tell by his face 

That the outcome is grim

‘You’ve been stabbed’ he sobs

‘And on your arm there’s a slash’

He races upstairs for his phone

In a flash

He calls the ambulance, police

Your mum and dad

He’s bubbling, he’s seething

He’s starting to get mad 

He goes into the garden

And out the back gate

You’re scared for him now

And yelling ‘no son wait’

But he’s out there, searching

For the two boys

But there’s nothing and no one

Not a single noise 

Minutes pass

Then sirens and the flashing blues

There’s CID, forensics

Who’ve come to look for clues

To catch the perpetrators 

Who did this cowardly act

They’re questioning you now

About the attack

Opportunists, thieves

Or just little pricks

Smack heads I’d say

Out to fund their next fix

Anyway, days have passed 

And no one has been found

But I’ve heard a rumour 

Of a youth who’s gone to ground

Do I mind my own business?

Or reveal what I know?

His family are scum

They’re the lowest of the low

They’re the kind for revenge

The kind to avenge

Should I forget what I know?

Or just pretend

So do I keep schtum

And keep my girls from danger

From an attack at anytime

And more than likely from a stranger

Justice must be served

But I’m not sure it’s me who shops

These cowardly despicable animals 

To the friendly local cops

Fuck it, I must

It’s the right thing to do 

It could have been me

It could have been you


One thought on “Cup-de-sac attack

  1. raxtusdragon says:

    I nominated you for the 3 Quote A Day Challenge. Your blog was on of the first i visited when i started ideajunkyard and your “horror poems” inspired me. syd7t5 has great words written by an even greater wordsmith. Do check out the challenge!
    – Raxtus

    Liked by 1 person

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