She’s always watching over you there in your time of need
She’ll help you change the nappies and be there to assist you feed
She’ll guide you to the toilet or give you a hand with that breast pump
She’ll always have a smile for you and never get the hump
See she loves babies and helping new mothers it’s her job that’s what she does
To see a happy couple with a bundle of joy gives her a buzz
She’s the kindest soul and devoted to you and your babies care
She’ll take on responsibilities like washing, brushing, and styling your hair
It’s not just newborns that need some help it’s tough for new mums too
But take comfort in the knowledge that she’ll follow this all the way through
It takes a very special woman to fulfill the role of a midwife
Years of medical training and study to help bring in a new life
So when you leave the hospital remember the midwife you must tell
That you’re thankful for all that’s she’s done, and that she is an angel


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