Rose of Tralee

In 1957 in a place called Harty’s Bar
Some men came together to lure expats from afar
And also to boost tourism on the days of the horse racing meets
So people came from across the globe and partied in the streets
In the early 60s it was open to women from Kerry not just the town
Then in ’67 all Irish girls were welcome to compete for the crown
Winners must adhere to certain set conditions
From intellect, heritage, and to all their ambitions
Judges choose their winner based on how much they resemble Mary
For she was the one the song was written for the original Rose of Tralee
Hidden in the lyrics is the secret to win the prize
But I know a girl who wins hands down the girl with the gorgeous grey eyes
For me it’s a no brainier no other girl even comes near
In my eyes there’s only one competitor and she will win every year
For there’s no one fairer or sweeter no one I have met that is true
No one I write these poems for in my attempts to woo
So next year I’ll turn up in my tux and you’ll wear a beautiful gown 
And I’ll be the happiest man alive when your head is adorned with the crown
I hope you like this poem I’ve penned for you, my girl across the sea
The most beautiful woman I’ve ever known, my sweet Rose of Tralee


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