Upon the shore

You’re gazing out across the sea

Confused, alone you think of me

Perhaps one day we both will see

And you and I will become we

I’m sat at home and dream of you

Contemplating what to do

Your heart I think that I’ll pursue

The plans I’ll make I’ll follow through

You’re beautiful and so so sweet

Eventually when we meet

I’ll sweep you right up off your feet

And then our love we can complete

There’s nothing more I want than this 

This chance I cannot risk to miss

This thing we have eternal bliss

We’ll seal it with a passionate kiss

You and I could be so right

I won’t give in without a fight

Our future well it looks so bright

You fill my heart with pure delight

And while you stand upon the shore

These feelings I know you can’t ignore

You thought you’d felt like this before

But nothing like our strong rapport

You make me feel I’m on cloud nine

I’ll make it clear I will define

Pretty soon on down the line

I’ll win your heart and you’ll be thine


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