This is a poem I did for fun made out of random idioms just because I was bored. It doesn’t actually mean anything or make sense as such but make of it what you will. 

This could go down like a lead balloon 

But it’s simply my first dry run

I’ve escaped from the funny farm

And you’re here with me riding shotgun 

Remember to use your loaf 

And not to turn a blind eye

If something smells rather fishy

Don’t wait for pigs to fly

So I hear on the grapevine 

That curiosity killed the cat

I’ll take that with a grain of salt

And of course the drop of a hat

In the dog days of summer

People are dropping like flies

Let’s not beat around the bush

This could be a blessing in disguise 

The world has turned wild and woolly 

Why? Your guess is as good as mine

But everyone’s under the weather 

No longer a ray of sunshine


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