Poorly girl

I can’t be there to comfort you or to soothe you with my lips

If I was I’d tenderly stroke your face with my fingertips

I’d whisper in your ear that I would make you feel better 

And if I kissed behind them then I’m sure you’d get wetter

I’d make you drinks of lemon and honey

Tell you stories and jokes, you already know I’m funny

You’d forget all about your ears and your throat 

You’d laugh heartily but sound like a constipated goat

I’d massage your feet, shoulders and neck

Till you fell asleep then every five minutes I’d check

That you were ok and didn’t need a thing

But if you did ask, then I would gladly bring

I’d fetch snacks, change the channel, be at your beck and call

No task too big and no job too small

I’d do anything for you, they’d be no resisting  my charms 

I’d keep you safe and warm in my loving arms


8 thoughts on “Poorly girl

  1. nombre de la pluma says:

    I want that, but I’d want to trade off, some days to be waited on, others, to wait on. I’d make chamomile and lemon tea, help you clear your sinuses, and wash and oil your feet. That charming enough? But for my tea, I like Earl Grey or Orange Spice. And maybe a splash of bourbon. Mum made awesome butter biscuits when I was little… (cookies. Whatever.) I have the recipe in my book.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. syd7t5 says:

      That sounds like a great deal! Love all the different varieties of teas too! Can’t get enough of them and the butter biscuits sound delicious! 😊


    1. syd7t5 says:

      😊 Someone actually said it was their favourite line they’d ever read in a poem! I wouldn’t go that far but thought it was a little amusing! Thank you for reading and voting it’s nice to know my little odes are appreciated! 😊


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