The signs so far have been good so you say

It all started when I was bored that day

I downloaded the game and I saw your face

But you’re 400 plus miles in another place

We started to talk just about the game

Then I learned you had another name

We talked a few times but you couldn’t beat me 

So I let you win because I felt guilty

We started to chat every day

We never ran out of things to say

We’d chat from early morning till late at night

There was something about you and it just felt right

I was totally captivated by your beauty

So I nicknamed you the girl across the sea

I wrote you some poems they were just for you

Then I wrote Cupid for your friends and they loved it too

Soon after things well they got pretty heated

You sent me some pics then wanted them deleted

But I couldn’t you just looked so goddam hot

Cupid had been and guess who he shot?

We continued to talk day after day

What was happening? Why did I feel this way?

You say you feel it too and I’m a breath of fresh air

Just give me the nod I’ll be straight over there 

Tonight you’ve gone out for a night at the races

I hope my dog wins when the rabbit he chases

Because you said it’s a sign if he romps on home

He’ll not be the only one getting a bone

But we decided to cool it and not talk for a while

Now I feel barren and lost with no reason to smile


2 thoughts on “Signs

  1. ZenLikeFuck says:

    Oh the first few days when you meet someone new. How time flies! The excitement, the thrill! You’ve taken me back there. Sadly, I’m the kind who takes signs rather seriously. I would always want them to translate into something more. And the last lines seem to indicate that you would like it that way as well. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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