You feel broken now but it won’t last and I’m here to tell you why

So take a seat and listen, dry your eyes, no need to cry

There’s a certain someone that I know, he looks like a baby with an arrow and a bow

He’s watching and waiting but you’ll never know he’s there                                    

He may have shot at you before but his aim misplaced and into thin air                      

He could strike at any time and it’s when you least expect

One day he’ll be on target and with the arrow of love he’ll inject

Erotic love and affection and fill you with desire

His subject he will shoot too and set your hearts on fire

Maybe it will be at work or at your local gym

The supermarket, on a bus or at the centre where you swim

You probably think you have a type but this cherub doesn’t care

You’ll see the chosen one and find you can’t help but stop and stare

You’ll be brimming with love and passion, tiny flutters will ooze through you

It’s the most amazing feeling when you fall for someone new

So pick yourself up and dust yourself down

Apply your make up, dress up and go hit the town

There’s a special someone out there waiting in the wings

Hurry up! I can hear Cupid now, he’s tightening his strings!


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