Perfect kiss

The perfect kiss it starts with a picnic on the beach

I finally made it to the girl I thought was out of reach

She’s gorgeous in the flesh, her eyes are steely grey

Her long brown hair, her luscious lips, by her beauty I’m blown away

Sunbathing, relaxing, and frolicking in the sea

Laying in my arms while we listen to Birdy

The day is not too hot but my temperature is rising

The girl I’m with is smoking though so I don’t find that surprising

I’ve got to seize the moment, the scene is set just right                                                         

And as the day turns to dusk her beauty shimmers in the light

I gaze into her eyes, my heart it melts like butter

I want to ask her now but I’m afraid I’ll start to stutter

I think she knows what’s happening so with her hand she pulls me near

She whispers will you kiss me then she nibbles on my ear

The shivers run right down my spine, my heart begins to race

She cups me softly then she smiles and gently strokes my face

This feeling I’d forgotten, inside things start to dance

I’m captivated by this girl it’s like I’m in a trance

My fingers trace her cherry lips my others stroke her hair

If today’s my last on Earth I really wouldn’t care

My hands slip round her pretty neck and caress her silk smooth skin

I feel the passion and desire stirring deep within

Time stands still our eyes are locked we’re in a state of bliss

I lean on in and pull her close and then that sweet sweet kiss

Her lips are soft and she tastes so good, and on her bottom lip I playfully bite

This girl has awoken something in me and set my world alight

I tenderly kiss her and our breathing quickens, her tongue dances with mine

I could kiss this girl forever for the feeling is divine


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