The girl across the sea

She beckons me

The girl across the sea

I cannot resist her call

I cannot resist her at all

Was it fate that our paths crossed?

Could she help me come back from this feeling of being lost?

There is something about her

Is she the one?

Will I ever find out?

Will she brighten my life like the sun?

I look at her photo

Mysterious grey eyes

Her beautiful face

I can memorise 

I hope one day to meet                                

So our hearts can entwine

When that day comes 

I will ask her to be mine

I want to know about her

Who is she?

One day I’ll sail or fly

To the girl across the sea

A thousand galloping horses couldn’t keep us apart

Is this girl my destiny? Will she capture my heart?

I can see us in the future

Hand in hand on walks in the park

Street lamps will flicker

From the power of our hearts that spark

Sat on a bench reading poetry from a book

Cuddling in a pub in a secret inglenook

Loving eyes over tables, sharing milkshake in cafes

Walking you home but stop to kiss you in some shop doorways 

Underneath umbrellas and dancing in the rain

A few whispered words and your heart I hope to attain

I’ve no idea what will happen 

But what will be will be

This poem I wrote for you alone 

The girl from across the sea


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