Standing in the back yard with just the glow of the solar lights

When I hear the loud buzz of an insect, I sure hope it’s not one that bites

The buzz it gives off is unreal, this thing must be very large

It sounds like something electric, about to release its deathly charge

The lights are quite dim, so I can’t quite figure out

Where the thing is, so my arms flail, and start to shout

It keeps passing by me, and I miss as I swing and swat

If the neighbours could see me now, they’d think I’d gone and lost the plot

Next thing I know, it smacks me up the face

And drops with a crack to the floor, it’s like something from outer space 

It’s on its back buzzing loudly, and it seems to be stuck

I need to find a newspaper, a shoe, or a book

But no I must capture it, I need to see it in all its glory

If its an alien life form it should go to a laboratory 

So I go into my house but the buzzing I can’t ignore

I can hear its hard shell, bouncing off the kitchen door

It’s got back on its front, and is flying  clumsily towards the light

‘Oh god I’m gonna be eaten alive by this unusual parasite’

I look in the cupboards, and find an empty jar                                                     

And with a piece of paper, I ensnare it, wow it’s bizarre!

I’ve not seen anything like it, in all my forty years

With its hard shell, and furry bits, and what look like antlers for ears

I take pictures, and make a video, and upload to my Facebook

I ask my friends ‘d’ya know what this is? Press play and have a look’

Within minutes people comment and after reading I feel much safer

It’s just a harmless mayfly or bug, also known as a cock chafer


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