Deal with the Devil

This is a 150 word story challenge with the prompt of ‘Deal with the Devil’

The captivating red glow of Lucifer’s eyes locked onto mine as I slipped out of consciousness, I could make out the battered body of my son Michael in the passenger seat. His chest rose and sank with his shallow breaths as Lucifer smirked at me through the shattered windscreen.

“My old friend Death has called upon me, it’s decision time,” he rasped. “Only one can survive. What’s it to be? Your life, or your child’s?”

“I don’t want either of us to die,” I croaked.

“Unfortunately one must, for your sins of course. Unless you’re prepared to make a deal?”

“What kinda deal?”

“You will both be mine, to do as I bid, for all eternity.”

“Then I accept without question.”

The Devil bared his yellowed pointy teeth as he extended his long nailed, claw-like hands towards me.

“Come my children, we have many lives and relationships to destroy.”


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