Spell bound

With herbs and wild flowers, creature’s parts, candles, and a couple of hours

You can cast a spell of love or hate, cause an accident, or land a date

A spell of misfortune, or one to fly, a chant for revenge, or a hex to die

Words to heal, words for intellect, some for power, others to protect

A jinx for deformity, or one that will cure, a spell for wealth much needed for the poor

Charms to levitate, illusions or enchant, foreign words you’ll have to rant

Not abracadabra, that’s mumbo jumbo, a grimoire is handy if you want to know

How to summon spirits, demons, or possession, or anything that’s the object of your obsession

Black magic to manipulate people’s free will, white for healing and health so you don’t get ill 

Spells cast to make your energy drain, some for snow, sun, wind, and rain

 Wizards, Witch’s, shaman, and priests, rituals they know to raise the deceased

Telekinesis, animation, and projection, binding, summoning, and resurrection

Is all this made up? Is it all one big trick? Certainly not! We’re surrounded my magic


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