To the Stars

What’s that I see over yonder? As I’m staring at the sky while I do ponder

Is it a satellite or a plane? I can’t quite see it’s gone again 

Could be the moon for all I know, or maybe a star with its heavenly glow

But no it can’t be, its moving fast, is that the work of a turbo blast?

I see colours red, blue, and green, the strangest sight that I’ve ever seen                                                                 

It’s zigzagging now across the sky, it comes down low then shoots up high           

When it’s low there is a hum, then a voice inside my cerebrum

‘Come with us’ it seems to sing, then on the hull a radiant ring

It feels as if I’m in a dream, then from the craft a great white beam

That lifts me right up in the air and pulls me towards whatever’s in there

At first I’m feeling melancholic, then waves of pleasure turn me euphoric

I’m now inside this alien craft, being sucked up in a circular shaft

I’m greeted when I’m spat out, by a hideous creature with a pig-like snout

It grunts then loudly screams in terror, then points to a computer, I can see it’s error

It’s scratching it’s head and wondering how, it missed the human and abducted a cow


4 thoughts on “To the Stars

    1. syd7t5 says:

      Thanks again! I love Poe, who doesn’t? Didn’t know again that that was internal rhyming but I can obviously see it now I know what it’s all about. I’m always looking and willing to try new things. I did NapiWriMo this year and followed quite a lot of the prompts but did my own interpretation or adapted some. Learnt what a lune was, and a tritina to name just a few! Thank you for taking the time to read it and give me some positive feedback. 😀


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