Forgive me

To my beautiful ladies, one thing I wish to say 

I’m sorry, sorry for breaking our little family 

I didn’t mean it, but there’s no going back

I’m sorry that I let, everything get slack

I love you all dearly, and you’re all I’ve got

I had a wife and a family but I’ve gone and lost the lot

I’m sorry I went and ruined, all the times we were to share

Can you find it in your hearts to forgive me, please don’t think I didn’t care

All the trips, all the holidays, or just hanging out

I shouldn’t have messed up, so with those memories I’ll live without

That breaks my heart, that I’ve done that to you all

And as I’m writing this my cheeks tickle, as the tears start to fall

You are all my universe, always, and forever

To make it up to all of you, I hope a chance to endeavour 

My gorgeous daughters, you’re all I have in this world 

You’re beautiful, adorable, but there is one other girl

Who can reunite us, and make us whole again

So my hands are clasped, I’m on my knees, looking to the sky, Amen.


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