Is it summer yet?

After a few days of rare sunshine I came up with this silly rhyme, in hope for a great summer.

Summer’s nearly here, time to get my hit

Of freshly cut grass, and the waft of dog shit

The call of the ice cream van, kids hear from afar

Old grannies in the back yard, hanging out with no bra

Lovers frolicking on the grass, at the local park

Exposing their naked bodies, and it’s not even dark

Guys cruisin the streets, checking scantily clad girls

Hoping to give them, a necklace of pearls

Some sat by the river, supping real ale

Others squeezed into wetsuits, about to set sail

Stunt kites a blowing, gliding in the breeze

Scuffed knees of young boys, scrambling up trees

Girls in a circle, making daisy chains

People couped up like sardines, on aeroplanes

To exotic locations, where they drink till they drop

Others to the clubs, where they’re dancing nonstop

Old men in budgie smugglers, by the side of the pool

Leaving themselves open, for much ridicule

Bald men with beetroot heads, women with tan lines

Guys speeding on motorbikes, ignoring the signs

Kids playing pooh sticks, on top of a bridge

Teenagers sneaking beers from, mum and dad’s fridge

Pool parties and barbecues, in everyone’s yard

No stealing of burgers, the dog is on guard

Distracted by summer fun, when will we learn

To protect all our loved ones, from the effects of sunburn


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