I was probably thirteen at the time this incident occurred, and to be quite frank, I didn’t really care for much other than playing football, and getting myself in trouble. 

It was lunch time at my secondary school, and me, and one of my mates Jem had just finished eating, when one of us had the bright idea of going into the music room to cause some havoc. 

Looking back now it was a stupid, pointless, and despicable act, and if ever my kids did what we did then I would come down on them like a tonne of bricks.
We entered the music room through the unlocked door then pushed the piano in front of it, thus preventing anybody coming in. 

The room was kitted out with all the normal instruments you would find in any school. 

Jem and I, proceeded to twang the guitars until we broke practically every string. Then we bashed giant holes in all the drums and bongos, followed by destringing all the violins and similar instruments. 

We grabbed all the recorders, harmonicas, and clarinets, opened the window and threw them all out on the grass. We climbed out and scoured the ground for dog mess. People used to walk their dogs around the school although it was banned, and most never cleaned up after their pets. So you can guess what we did right? Yeah you got it. We dunked all the mouth pieces in the dog muck and put them all back in the music room hoping no one would notice when they came to play them. 

We snapped drumsticks and stamped on glockenspiels and anything else we could break. Rifling through the teacher’s drawers, we came across the end of year reports for what looked to be the whole school. Sat there waiting for the music teachers to write their comments and grades amongst all the other subjects that students were taking. 

Unfortunately we also found a can of 3 in 1 oil, which we thought would look marvellous squirted up the walls and in all the drawers containing the report cards! 

For the grand finale Jem decided to do a huge poo in the teacher’s drawer on her desk and urinated on her comfy seat. We all had hard plastic ones so thought this was a good way to get whoever the unfortunate teacher was who would sit in it first.

We were disturbed by someone trying to push the door open so snook out of the open window and legged it on to the playground to mingle with all our other mates playing football. 

Obviously they eventually got into the room and discovered the mess and damage we had made. There was a big investigation but we were never found out. Surprising really, as we had told our other friends that it was us and they all kept quiet about it. 

Anyway that’s my confession and if I ever win a decent amount on the lottery, I’ve always said I would give some money to my old school for new instruments. 

I’m not proud of what I did but that was me at that time in my life, a complete bonehead. 


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