NapoWriMo 2016 Day Twenty Seven: Questions

Why can you see the moon in the day Dad, but the stars only at night?

Why is the sky blue Dad, and why is the snow always white?

Why can only some birds fly Dad, while others like to swim?

Why is a hippo fat Dad, and a snake usually so slim?

Where do we go when we die Dad, and why do people get ill?

Why can’t people get along Dad, why feel the need to kill?

Why am I light skinned Dad, but my friend at school is dark?

Why do we need to wee Dad, and what leaves a fingermark?

Where do babies come from Dad, and why is the grass green?

Why is water wet Dad, and why isn’t pollution clean?

Why do we need food Dad, and where are the dinosaurs?

What’s electricity Dad, and why does grandad call knickers drawers?

In answer to your questions girls everything around you God did make

Now go and pester your Mother girls, all these questions have made my head ache!


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