In memory of Sir Terry Pratchett

Just messing around this morning and thought I’d do this tribute to one of my favourite authors who sadly passed away not too long ago. This short silly story is made up of some of the titles of his excellent books: mainly his Discworld series. Check them out if you haven’t read them, they truly are fantastic! 

In memory of Sir Terry Pratchett! 

Happy Birthday!

A few words from Lord Havelock Vetinari

“Lords and Ladies, welcome to the Theatre of Cruelty, where we are gathered here today to celebrate the life and birthday of our creator Sir Terry Pratchett.”

And now in these interesting times, they are here to trip the light fantastic with their feet of clay in this maskerade. All the way from the last continent, with their own brand of soul music known as jingo, it gives me great pleasure to present to you the amazing Maurice and his educated rodents.”

“Actually there’s been a slight hiccup,” interrupted Captain Carrot.

“What do you mean?” asked Lord Vetinari.

“The truth is they were out with the night watch doing snuff and raising steam they had acquired from dodger and then thud! The next thing they were being carried to the dark side of the sun by the carpet people!”

“Small gods! That night watch are a monstrous regiment! Oh well only one thing for it then.”

“What’s that your Lordship?”

Guards! Guards! Fetch the next act,” called Lord Vetinari.

The birthday gathering looked at each other in disbelief at the charade that was going on. Mort, Eric, and the reaper man snook off to somewhere a little more private with the wyrd sisters closely followed by the truckers who didn’t want to miss out on any action.

A disheveled looking bunch were brought in by the guards.

“Apologies for that. Anyway let us commence the festivities I introduce to you with their latest hit I shall wear midnight, give it up for Johnny and the Dead!”

Thunderous applause and whistles erupted as the band struck up.

Lord Vetinari wandered off the stage and was last seen undoing his belt and heard muttering where’s my cow?


2 thoughts on “In memory of Sir Terry Pratchett

    1. syd7t5 says:

      Simply brilliant my friend! I grew up reading and collecting his Discworld series and his other works. A fantastic author who will be greatly missed!


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