Milk and Cookies

Johnny had always said there was a monster in his closet but nobody believed him. His parents said it was his overactive imagination. No one had seen it except Johnny, it only came out after bedtime when Johnny was alone.
Johnny’s parents had let him have a party at the house for Halloween. All his friends had turned up from school and others from his neighbourhood, along with various members of his family. He’d spent months pondering over who, or what, to dress up as, and finally decided on a werewolf. Of course he wasn’t the only one, there was a whole pack of them. All of the guests confirmed when they said their goodbyes that it had been the best party ever. It had gone on longer than intended as everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves so his parents let it go on as they didn’t want to appear as party poopers.
Finally when the last guests left, Johnny’s dad crashed in his favourite armchair with a cold beer to watch the footy highlights. Johnny’s mum however had a bomb site on her hands to attend to.
“Johnny honey, you wanna go and have a shower and get your pyjamas on, while I have a quick clean around?” 
“Okay mum,” muttered Johnny cursing under his breath. His hopes of staying up even later dashed, he went to say goodnight to his dad and then reluctantly started to climb the stairs. He hated bedtime. Always had done since the monster moved in last year.
“I’ll bring you some milk and cookies up in a minute.”
“Thanks mum,” Johnny shouted down from the top step. He took off his costume, showered, then put on his blue pinstripe pyjamas. He got his baseball bat and cautiously shut the door of his closet in the hope that the monster would leave him alone tonight. But he knew it would be of no use.
Twenty minutes later the sound of footsteps on the stairs signalled the arrival of his mum with a glass of milk and a plate of cookies. She placed them on his bedside table and kissed him goodnight on his forehead. He lay there anxiously waiting for the monster. Maybe it would leave him alone tonight. He tried to breathe quietly hoping the monster wouldn’t hear him. He tried to shut the monster out of his mind, maybe that’s what made it appear? He tried to distract himself and thought of what a great day it had been, not just the party but going out for dinner earlier on in the day with some his friends and family. 
Before too long he’d nodded off, and had only been asleep for an hour when the creak of the closet door woke him. He peered over the top of the duvet with one eye open, and saw the glowing red eyes of the monster. The monster opened the door fully, and a low growl came from it. He’d only ever seen glimpses of the hideous monster but that had been enough. He’d always hide under the duvet and the monster would eat the cookies and drink the milk, then slink off back into the darkness of the closet. The monster lurched towards him in all it’s terrifying glory. Shaking uncontrollably Johnny, through his tear filled eyes, looked at the cookies and milk on the bedside table, but he knew deep down tonight they wouldn’t satisfy it’s hunger.


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