The Stinky Witche’s Sister

I didn’t want to follow today’s prompt and so I’m going to do this poem which accompanies a previous poem titled The Stinky Witch, which incidentally,  I didn’t write for NapoWriMo. So if you haven’t read it, then please go and check it out.

“What on earth is going on? Is that my sister’s broom?”

Young Bobby fearfully nodded his head while the witch sprayed herself with perfume

“Well then, what’s she done now to deserve such a fate?”

“She lured kids to her house with candy, and delicious cakes on a plate”

This new witch was rather pretty, and nowhere near half as ghastly

She had a lovely smile and looked, radiant in her frock from Laura Ashley

“Well isn’t she despicable? She’s the complete opposite to me”

“I haven’t seen her in ten years but she invited me around for tea”

“We never got on you know, she was always so cruel and mean”

“Once I wouldn’t lend her my favourite hat, so she turned my face bright green”

“I don’t think I’ll miss my sister Belinda much, the towns a better place without her that’s for sure”

She beckoned the kids to come over as, she headed for her sister’s front door

The kids gasped, and gaped, at the sight of the cakes

And the sweets, biscuits, clothes, and toys

There was dressing up stuff, and trains that went chuff, all fun things for girls, or for boys

“What’s your name?” asked a brave young girl

“I am Trudy” she replied with a smile and a twirl

“And what’s yours young lassie?”

“It’s Cassandra but call me Cassie”

And a picnic blanket they began to unfurl

Trudy did magic tricks, and spells she did cast

Fun was had by all, they were having a blast

Trudy put on a show for hours

Making fireworks and glitter bombs with her magical powers

Word spread around town of this nice new sorceress

How kind she was, and beautiful, in her floral dress

In time they forgot about Belinda and no one missed her

And they all adored Trudy, the Stinky Witche’s sister


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