Claudine the Cat

Again I didn’t fancy the prompt for today and I really wanted to do this. This poem tells the cat’s tail (I know that’s a bad joke) from a previous poem, Dave the Dog.

She slides through the slats on the fence

 the aroma is getting much stronger

The smell up her nose is intense

Wafting down from the local fishmonger

Her daily freebie is Claudine’s one and only vice

She’s been stealing from here for two months now, sick of her diet of mice

There’s plenty more, fish in the sea

With lots of different flavours, a real variety

It only took her seconds, to whisk her breakfast away

More often than not, she’d take the fishermen’s best catch of the day

She learnt to get here early, around eight, or even sooner

That’s when she had the best chance to grab, a beautiful steak of tuna

After eating her prize, she would laze in the sun

But who’d have thought today she would, have to, outrun

A dreadlocked hound, from a house in town

All bark and teeth, and his fur was brown

They met at the park, he gave chase right away

Why couldn’t this have happened to me yesterday?

Today I’m full up, with a tuna steak

Yesterday it was only, a fillet of hake

She outran him easily, and his owner too

But her tummy started hurting, so she thought what must I do?

You silly girl Claudine, why don’t you use some common sense

Get up there fast, have you ever met a dog who can climb a fence?

So she leapt up high, and she wailed, and she spat

There’s no way that that manky mutt was gonna get this cat

I’m too quick, nimble, and clever, for you today, however

You were very close to me, so that is that

The owner took the mongrel on his lead

After numerous failed attempts he did succeed

So Claudine made her way to her favourite spot

To the roof of her owner’s car where she knew it was hot

To the place that she preened, and she cleaned, and she washed

But she never saw that or the car, so that was that, and she was squashed


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