NapoWriMo 2016 Day Twelve: Earth’s Last Day

Day Twelve On APRIL 12, 2016

Happy Day 12 of NaPoWriMo and GloPoWriMo, all!

Our featured participant today is Purple Mountain Poetry, where the poem for Day 11’s blend of small, accretive details with a seemingly unconnected end results in an unsettling juxtaposition. It’s not a “happy” poem, but it is one that makes you think of both the distance and the connections between us all.
Today’s poet in translation is Turkey’s Sureyya Aantmen. A fairly young poet, her work has an almost mystical flavor to it, as though you were hearing snatches of fairy tales pulled together into a message of longing and urgency. You’ll find five of her poems translated into English at the link above.
Finally, our prompt for the day (optional, as always). Have you ever flipped to the index of a book and found it super interesting? Well, I have (yes, I live an exciting life!) For example, the other day I pulled from my shelf a copy of on old book that excerpts parts of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s journals. I took a look at the index, and found the following entry under “Man”:
fails to attain perfection, 46; can take advantage of any quality within him, 46; his plot of ground, 46; his use, 52, 56; not to be trusted with too much power, 55; should not be too conscientious, 58; occult relationship between animals and, 75; God in, 79, 86; not looked upon as an animal, 80; gains courage by going much alone, 81; the finished, 89; and woman, distinctive marks of, 109; reliance in the moral constitution of, 124; the infinitude of the private, 151; and men, 217; should compare advantageously with a river, 258.
That’s a poem, right there!
Today, I challenge you to write your own index poem. You could start with found language from an actual index, or you could invent an index, somewhat in the style of this poem by Thomas Brendler. Happy writing!

Again my friend chose the book for this challenge: The Collins ultimate navigation manual.

                                                                Earth’s Last Day

Proximity alarms 271, 318-20; working with 289-93; global 39-44;  alertness 111; calling for help 164;

Attack point 101; 125,175,210; setting up 61; Big Dipper 80; brace position 96-7,

Poor visibility 36; direct 116; visual darkness adaption 232

Locus 178; heading 57; magnetic north 64-66; distance, visually estimating 168-71

Horizon estimation 170; jamming and spoofing 328; ground to air emergency signals 355-6; adjusting for 128; pointer stars 83

First responders 327; on the move 176-9; leapfrogging 165-6; constellations 80-2

Sight ‘n go 291-2;

Post mission analysis 327; Sirius 85; zones 42-3; confirmation 154; dead reckoning 17

Tides 234-6; creating accurate 316-18; whiteouts 200-1, 205

Sandstorms 215; searching 180-4; finding out your 131; bearings, running 176; tracks 282

Glaciers 38, 198, 201; shape features 47; contouring 172-3; aiming off 142, 205, 223, 233;

Magnetic deviation 67-8, 68; finding the 80; celestial 77-85; places of worship 32;

Scenes of crime 326-7; Microsoft virtual Earth 210; celestial south 83


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