NapoWriMo Day Eleven: Car Doors

Today’s challenge is to write a poem in which you closely describe an object or place, and then end with a much more abstract line that doesn’t seemingly have anything to do with that object or place, but which, of course, really does. I think of the “surprise” ending to this James Wright Poem as a model for the effect I’m hoping you’ll achieve. An abstract, philosophical kind of statement closing out a poem that is otherwise intensely focused on physical, sensory details. Happy writing! For this I have again asked a friend to give me an object or place to write about and she gave me the answer car doors! I know it’s not really an object but I thought it would be an unusual thing to write about.

                           Car doors

It was 2004 when my wife and I had a break

To the Egyptian resort of Sharm El Sheik

It was into the hundreds and we started to bake

So a trip to go snorkelling we wanted to make

So we rang for a taxi to our destination

When it pulled up it wasn’t to our expectation

I’m sure it wouldn’t pass the appropriate  regulation

So we refused to travel in it to our location

The driver gets out and he implores

It wasn’t built at the time of the dinosaurs

Nor had it been in any conflicts or wars

He didn’t see a problem with it having no doors

We got back and I needed to finish off the bathroom

After seeing those in our hotel ours looked all doom and gloom

I’d put it off for months and she had started to fume

So to the local retail park I thought I’d best go and zoom

Back from a shopping trip to look at new floors

There were none she liked in any of the stores

The whole neighbourhood heard her agonising roars

As she slammed her fingers in the bloody car doors!


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