NapoWriMo 2016 Day Ten: Books

Todays challenge is to write a “book spine” poem. This involves taking a look at your bookshelves, and writing down titles in order (or rearranging the titles) to create a poem. If you want to take things a step further, Lillian suggests gathering a list of titles from your shelves (every third or fifth book, perhaps, if you have a lot) and using the titles, as close to the originals as possible, to create a poem that is seeded throughout with your own lines, interjections, and thoughts. Happy writing!

Guards! Guards!

To the Iron King on his throne of glass

With mud, sweat, and tears we must take the stand

Against these outsiders, who come to plunder the pillars of the earth

Men at arms, protect the little prince in this slaughterhouse

 Watchmen, in the name of the rose, do not fall in this city of darkness

Although we have one foot in the grave, do not succumb to the unearthly wizard and his gargoyles

This dark fever runs free in their bloodlines

This is the first test in the prophecy of the sisters

Do not succumb to the soulless, the wee free men, or the children of the damned

We will sacrifice everything afore this city of angels is ever lost

And if need be, we will march upon the city of bones to take our vengeance

The stars will sing with the Song of Solomon, and in this age of heroes, none will be in possession of our souls

At all costs, protect the realm but it’s inescapable, that we will fall, under a thousand splendid suns, under the never sky


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