The Stinky Witch

Her hair is all crooked
Her head is like a bucket
Her boobs are on her belly
Her bum is in her welly

Her teeth are like a picket fence
She’s only got one eye, so hence
That’s why she walks in a circle
While craning her neck like a turtle

One leg short and one leg long
Eats cabbage all day and gives off a pong                                                                                            She trumps and boy do they smell strong                                                                                      That’s why she only wears a thong

Her feet are just like eagle’s claws                                                                                                         Her hands the size of a bears’s paws                                                                                                That’s why she can’t join in applause                                                                                                  And struggles to pull up her drawers

She been round here for many years
First thing you spot is her ears
Around her neck as souvenirs
Cut off from kids with her shears

All the kids she seems to hate                                                                                                                   She tricks them to her garden gate                                                                                                      With sweets and biscuits as her bait                                                                                                     Her intentions to eliminate

The kids round here have had it tough                                                                                                  But now they chant we’ve had enough                                                                                                   Of all your tricks and other stuff                                                                                                           That rotten smell from when you guff

We’ll stand no more and that’s a fact                                                                                                          Young Bobby had an artefact                                                                                                                     He loaded it and then attacked                                                                                                                The weapon made quite some impact

The kids they gathered in a crowd                                                                                                          And at the sight they cheered so loud                                                                                              Where stood the witch now was a cloud                                                                                                No body to wrap in a shroud

The town and kids thought they were free                                                                                            But not one soul could ever foresee                                                                                                       The future face of misery                                                                                                                             She’d invited her sister round for tea


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