NapoWriMo Day Eight: Flower

It’s Friday, and writing poems isn’t easy! So let’s give ourselves a break with a simple prompt today. Poets have been writing about flowers since, oh, the dawn of time. So today, I challenge you to add your own poem to this long tradition, by finding a flower, and versifying in its honor. Happy writing! I’m going for a short poem today as I haven’t had much time.


What could be a delight for, all the birds and all the bees?

 With bright yellow petals, and a rosette of bristly leaves

With maroon florets inside, its daisy like face

Vibrant and strong, a visual beauty to embrace

A unique symbol of loyalty, and adoration

No words I could penn, would do it proper justification

No other flower can lift our spirits and make us so happy and smile

When planted in a long row, it would be named the golden mile

Its latin name is Helianthus, it’s beautueous to say the least

And when it’s grown eight feet tall, it likes to face the east


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