NapoWriMo 2016 Day Five: Fleur

This is my poem for today’s NapoWriMo seeing as there were no prompts on the site earlier.

This morning a friend’s sister’s one year old daughter had a fit, and shortly after being released from hospital, she sadly died of meningitis. This is for the beautiful Fleur, may she rest in peace with the other Angels.

One wonderful year we were blessed with you

But God called and so with the angels you flew

Life had just begun you were learning to walk

Your gurgles had changed you had started to talk

No reason we can think of does justify

Why you were taken so early but this isn’t goodbye

It’s the hardest thing when a loved one departs

But you’ll always be in our thoughts and hearts

We know you’ll be up there sliding on rainbows

Giggling away and wriggling your toes

Dancing, playing, singing a happy song

But here with us is where you truly belong

We know you’re always with us, although we cannot see

You’ll live on in the stars, the wind, and even in the sea

See we’re all made of stardust, that’s what connects us, that much is true

So you’ll always be a part of us, goodnight, sweet dreams, we love you.


4 thoughts on “NapoWriMo 2016 Day Five: Fleur

  1. nombre de la pluma says:

    My friend almost died of influenzal menengitis after only 9 months, survived because of prayer and medical coincidences. That was 1966. He owes me a novel still. This one has a close place in my heart because of his story. Sorry for your loss. I don’t have many friends, but my would-be-novelist is a good one. And a lucky one.

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