The Lover’s Tale

Sitting alone here on the bay
Your ship has sailed my world is grey
Repeating those words you had to say
‘You’ll have to find your own way’

 You’ve made a great escape to where you thought the grass was greener
To get your confused head around my stupid misdemeanour
And to a place you hoped would be a little bit serener
To come back with your tangled mind and body not much cleaner

To unlock your broken fragile heart I’ll need to find the keys
or will you push me to the floor? I’m begging on my knees

Back to the beginning or the end?
Or take me back and just pretend?
To take heed of these words I’ve penned

To be my lover, or my friend?

To be my lover, or my friend?

In this whirlwind, round and round, up, down, and to and fro
Will you guide me home of that, well I may never know
Or to meet where sea joins sky there I will surely row
Or will you kiss me underneath the arc of a rainbow?

All my love I’ll give to you, there’s none that I’ll withhold
The weight of it’s unmeasurable, it’s worth much more than gold
Is this the greatest love story that ever has been told?
Keep hoping, keep dreaming, and watch the tale unfold


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