Halloween Monster’s Ball

Midnight chimes around Dracula’s lair

Calling all undead, so please beware

Things that go bump, fly, slither, and crawl

Come to dance at the Monster’s ball

Headless horsemen, tortured souls

Vampires, werewolves, hideous trolls

Witches, warlocks, banshees too

Nightmarish ghouls all join the queue

Bloodcurdling howls swirl in the fog

Terrifying red eyes from a rabid dog

Chilling screams, and haunting wails

Sharpened fangs, claws, wings, and tails

The moon is full, and bright and white

What evils lurk on this dark night

Phantoms, spectres, bogeymen

All rise up, to dance again

The midnight masquerade is here

If you’re undead, have nowt to fear

With witches brew inhibitions fall

Tongue of newt and frog’s eyeball

Tail of rat and liver of goat

Don’t drink too much or you will bloat

Vampire bats and spiders in webs

Tiny monstrosities hatching from eggs

Cockroaches, worms, beetles and slugs

Slimy toads and creepy bugs

The devil sits upon his throne

Grim reaper next, no skin, just bone

His scythe glowing by candlelight

Oh, this shall be a frightful night

Dj Chucky spins the tunes

As critters and gremlins throw shapes in the ruins

Pinhead wins the apple bobbin

With twenty apples stuck to his noggin

Gomez and Morticia dance

As witches chant while in a trance

Thunder cracks and a flash of lightening

Some special effects to make it frightening

Dark clouds roll in, rain starts to lash

But that won’t spoil this Monster Mash

The hang mans here complete with noose

Then someone thrice cries Beetlejuice

Mummies breakdance, zombies popping

Jack from the shining to do some chopping

Pennywise and an undead jester

Playing tricks on Uncle Fester

Slimer sneezed a massive booger

Right in the face of Freddy Krueger

With burgers sizzling on his knives

A ghostly carriage next arrives

Out steps a girl called Coraline

Who makes a play for Frankenstein

Who begs and pleads it’s not his fault

Then screams when hit by a lightening bolt

Jack O’lantern can’t stand the noise

Then from the skies come three lost boys

Straight to the food and head for the trifle

Don’t worry, there’s no noodles Michael

The creature from the black lagoon

Gets sprayed with goo from an alien cocoon

It splatters on the Devil’s horn

And soaks the children of the corn

Imps, dwarves, and goblins they all laugh

At the aftermath of this bloodbath

The witches’ cauldron starts to bubble

A sure sign of incoming trouble

The party attracts hunters of ghosts

Whose red beams turn most to toast

The remaining ghouls panic and flap

But end up in the Ghostbuster’s trap


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