Peeping Tom

My pace quickened as I made my way through the trees and up the brow of the hill, I could see the lights now through the kitchen window.    The rain lashed down, and the wind howled all around me, blowing me almost off my feet, but I’m much too nimble.

I slipped through the bushes and kept to the edge of the garden, just out of the range of the kitchen light.

   I could see the girl now, stood at the wash basin, she was beautiful, and I loved her. All I wanted was to be in her arms, to feel the warmth of her body, and the sweet smell of her hair to fill my nostrils. 

   I arrived at the window and watched her with intense fascination, everything she did with such elegance and grace. 

   My heart brimmed with affection, I wanted to be with her, but she wouldn’t even notice me. 

   I pressed my face against the glass and called to her, but she could not hear. 

   A deep rumble filled the air, followed by an almighty flash of lightening which plunged the house into darkness. 

   The lights flickered back on, and the girls screamed as she saw me from the other side of the glass. 

   “Tom you crazy cat, you scared the life outta me, get in here your soaked through! ” She said as the window opened, and I slid into the warm. 


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