Love is an illusion 

All that happens now, is not some glorious accident

Let me put you in the picture, let me show you what I mean

  When the storm outside is raging, deft as a surgeon’s knife

  And the dogs they howl your name

  Every day, the dreamers die, to see what’s on the other side,soon to be put to the test

 To be whipped by the winds of the west

 As chandeliers fall in graveyard rows

  Spider webs in your mind, never want to force your hand

  But robbing from the blind’s not easy you see

  And as far as I can see, ten twisted grins, grin back at me

  How would you feel if I was to kneel, right down, at your feet

  An initiation, oh you’d better beware

  Sacrifice, like a martyr, to keep the dogs at bay

  Liberty, she’s come to rescue me, she was everywhere you looked, raining in your heart

   Even though it’s late, the promise still stands

   You’ve found what the world is waiting for

  But happiness is an illusion, and all that remains, is just empty desert light

All these lines are lyrics from some of my favourite musicians/bands combined into a poem.


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