Alone, this house is quiet, this bed is cold

  I turn, but there’s no one to hold

  No warmth to feel, no curves to caress

  My touch, no one to acquiesce

  Your smell, lingers on our duvet

   Upon your pillow, your head doesn’t lay

   No whispers of goodnight, I love you

   No cold feet or huggles, now I’m one and not two

Those sweet, sweet lips, I long to kiss

That super sexy ass, that fills me with bliss

Those big beautiful eyes I get lost into

The first things that, attracted me, to you

Your slender neck, and fine jawline

To nibble your ear, and say you are mine

   How I miss you close to me

   I only hope that you will see

That you’re the only one for me

My beautiful, beautiful Katie


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